About Us

How It Started

Established in 2016, Moose Wears is an independently owned and operated shop featuring artisan crafted pet accessories. 

We strive to create unique and sustainable goods that look great on any dog. Made in small batches, many of our items feature vintage and handwoven textiles that support small communities worldwide. 

Handwoven Textiles

Many of our bandanas and collars feature handwoven Guatemalan textiles. These textiles are woven on treadle (foot) looms by master weavers. Weaving and dying techniques have been passed down for generations and vary within the different communities across Guatemala. 

Each loom is first threaded to create the desired pattern. Pedals are used to power the loom, similar to a bicycle. Weavers alternate pushing the pedals with their feet while threading the fabric back and forth.

’Jaspe’ is a popular design seen in Guatemalan textiles. This patterning is actually dyed into the thread before weaving. The thread is first tied into sections before being dyed piece by piece. If you look at the images below, you will see the breaks in each strand of thread.

Worry Dolls

Many generations ago, natives from the Highlands of Guatemala began creating Worry Dolls. According to Mayan legend, these little handcrafted treasures relieve you of your worries. 

If your worries are keeping you awake at night or causing you stress during the day, simply whisper your troubles to your doll and let her take them away.